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Frequently Asked Questions about Sealah Tape Products

Does Sealah Tape work on all fabrics?
We have tested Sealah Tape on numerous fabrics from sheer lace, satin, nylon, denim, tapestry, designer fabrics, even vinyl and leather. So far Sealah Tape has made a strong bond on most fabrics. The use of Sealah Tape is not suggested for fabrics that have a heavy nap or are too wooly as these materials lack the smooth surface needed for proper adherence.

Is Sealah Tape Washable?
Many of our customers have reported using our product on various materials and washing it over 20 times with positive results. As a test we attached trim pieces to fabric and washed and dried them numerous times. All results show a strong bond still holds the trim in place.
Please note: This product was created for commercial uses that did not include washing; therefore we cannot guarantee it as washable.

What is the shelf life of Sealah Tape if it is not used?
The suggested shelf life is 2 years. We sell Sealah Tape in a reusable plastic bag which, if stored in a cool place should extend that time.

Since Sealah Tape is industrial strength, will I have time to reposition the items that i am taping?
Sealah Tape is very user friendly. While the bond is extremely strong, it is not like contact paper. The bond stays “tacky” so it can be lifted up and reapplied until you get it just right. After the project has set up the materials can be separated with any adhesive removers such as “undo”.

Are there any surfaces that Sealah Tape will not stick to?
Sealah Tape’s bond is strongest on smooth, clean, dry surfaces and is not recommended for “fuzzy” material or extremely rough surfaces like stucco.

How long does it take for Sealah Tape to set-up?
Sealah Tape is pressure sensitive, just press together and you have a strong bond. The seal will reach its maximum bond strength in 24 hours. Unlike many double sided tapes, Sealah Tape is ironable.

Will Sealah Tape replace my sewing machine?
We use the Sealah Tape on numerous projects and we are finding new uses for it daily but it will not completely replace the need for a sewing machine. Use Sealah Tape as an enhancement or shortcut for applying trims and making fast work of many of your sewing projects. 

We hope that this section of our website answers the majority of your questions. Please feel free to call us or email with any additional questions you may have about Sealah Tape.