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Sealah Shaper Bundle

Sealah Shaper Bundle

$ 59.00 

Contains: 5 yard trio, 2y 20ga shaper wire, 2y 1/4" shaper wire, 3 pk 6" X 11 1/2" sheets

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The Sealah Shaper Bundle contains 3 single 5 yard rolls in our most popular sizes (1/4"_3/8"_1/2"), one 2 yard coil of each shaper (20 ga brass_1/4" brass) and a single 3 pack of our versatile 6" X 11 1/2" sheets.

The Sealah Shaper Bundle contains our Sealah Brass Shaper that features the same industrial strength bond and convenience of our standard Double-sided tape but in a bendable shape retaining brass wire. In addition to our versatile easy to use sheets and always project capable 5 yard trio. All at a an fantastic value.

Our 1/4 inch Brass is 2 way bendable and 20 ga brass is 4 way bendable.

Proudly made in the United States