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05 Aug '15

Awesome Decorative Letters!

Kay Ellen, our in-house designer, created this fun multi-media project to show off how easy, and affordable it is to create something really special when you use Sealah adhesive and a few craft items that are on sale. 
Kay purchased the decorative paper, flowers and trim at Michaels from the dollar bin. She ended up spending a little more than $6 and has enough leftover items to decorate 4 more letters.
The 8" tall papier-mache letter was purchased at  Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Store for less than $3. This project took about 20 minutes from set-up to completion and the final product (approx. $4 for each letter) turned out fantastic. 
We hope this posting inspires you to create your Decorative Letter project ... send us a photo we would love to show off your talents!
The Jodees Team



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