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23 Jun '15

Fall Table Runner

I was in a crafty mood recently and I decided to create a Do-It-Yourself table­ runner for the fall season using No Sew tape. 

Tools and Materials: 


  • 2 yards of Burlap
  • 3 yards of Scalloped lace
  • 3 yards of Ribbon
  • 7 small Doilies
  • 7 vintage Yo-­yos
  • 1/2" size roll of Sealah No Sew Tape 

    Most of my materials were gifts and knicknacks: Fresh picked apples, grocery store sunflowers, and an adorable scalloped wire basket was a gift from a sweet friend in Michigan (thank you Peggy!). Feel free to swap in your own household treasures -- there is no right or wrong approach to making your own crafts! 

    Hem all four sides of the burlap with Sealah tape -- burlap frays very easily. 

    Place the Sealah Tape on the back of each element ahead of time, before assembling the table runner. 

    Peel the backer off and place and press each element. 

    I have a glass top table so I decided on a larger width runner; 24" wide and finished the length at 54" so it would drop down on each side of the glass a few inches. 

    Your DIY tabletop decor is ready to enjoy for the fall season! 


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