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23 May '15

Hem Pants the No-Sew way!

Posted by Jodees Inc. in Adjustments, Clothing, Fabrics, Sizing, Tailor made

Dee Waddell, the owner of Jodees Inc. has successfully hemmed her husband's jeans for many years using Sealah No­ Sew Tape.

Skill Level:
Time to complete:
20 minutes to do; 24 hours to cure

Tools and Materials:

  • 1 Pair of Pants (Denim or slacks)
  • 7/8" roll of SEALAH {no sew) adhesive, double sided tape
The following step by step instructions will show you how to save time and money when it is time to hem your pants.
  1. Wash the pants (especially if they are new), the cleaner the material the better the bond. 
  2. Choose the correct width of Sealah for your project. The wider the tape, the better the bond. This is especially true if you are hemming a heavy material like jeans. For this example we will be using the 7/8” wide Sealah tape (the 5 yard roll can hem approximately five pairs of pants). 
  3. Turn the pants inside out and fold the raw edge of material 1/2”. Place the Sealah tape so that it covers the folded material and overlaps the edge by 3/8”. This USER TIP is important and will help assure that the raw edge is firmly secured. Sealah is pressure sensitive, there is no need to iron to activate the adhesive just press firmly before removing the brown backing liner. 
  4. Peel away the brown backing liner and make the final fold for the hem and then press firmly. The harder you press the better the bond. For this demonstration, we desired a crisp edge on our hems so we used an iron and pressed firmly (the heat of the iron does not degrade the bond and in some cases it can speed up the curing process). 
  5. Allow time for the adhesive to cure, the longer that Sealah is allowed to sit, the stronger it gets. In some cases the bond will be strong enough to use right away and it will be fully cured within 24 hours. 

For other projects that will be laundered, we suggest that you allow the bond to cure for at least 72 hours before washing or drying. 

Hems created using Sealah adhesive cannot be dry-cleaned.

Sealah Tape can be used to hem many different types of material.


bought some at Rd to Ca. Great idea. but would be nice to tell us how much longer to cut than needed for correct length. I am assuming twice the width of the tape used?

Posted by cheryl on February 12, 2019

Hi! Do you put tape all around the hem or just as shown? If you do put tape all around, is it ok to overlap the tape? Thank you for this great idea.

Posted by Diane Meza on October 09, 2015

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